2021 -all rights reserved - Luca Nizzoli Toetti 

2021 -all rights reserved - Luca Nizzoli Toetti 

                                                                          «One morning, as the desire to take a walk came over me,

I put my hat on my head, left my writing room, or room of phantoms,

and ran down the stairs to hurry out into the street.»


Robert Walser, The walk, 1917.


After so many years working as a photographer, my drawers are full of photos that nobody has ever seen. Reportages that were never published, photo-shoots created for magazines which were only partially used, a number of portraits and unpublished stories, editing scrap-offs of published books, which were never really appreciated, in the first place by myself. Spaziergang is going to be a collection of photo books in A5 format including some of my past works and some of other fellows sharing my ideals. Bare photos, no frills and no ostentation. Only quality. We shall set free from the dark and narrow spaces of drawers and hard disks hundreds of photographs, which will be finally available to everyone. We shall take new pictures to represent and depict our time, in order to give our photos a dignified place, so that they can survive the virtual redundancy of which they are victims. We are absolutely aware of the social responsibility of a photographer, as well as that of the importance of a greater diffusion of a photographic culture. 

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: we must learn to read.


we will try to publish 


every SPAZIERGANG will be in limited series  _____________________________________________












You have two options:


Physical copy with a free donation

10 euros recommended!

Please remember shipping costs

Italy 1,28 € Worldwide 4 €

are included in your donation ;)

write titles and quantities

your name and address

in the payment reason


Digital copy in .pdf for a free donation with immediate download

get your .pdf copy click here

A donation about 115 euros from Italy

and 145 euros worldwide 

will be considered as subscription

you will receive 11 issue


Each order is processed/shipped

on the following Monday

Your proposals will be welcome as long as they are sent in a zipped folder via wetransef to the email:

The contents of the folder should be no more than 50 photographs in jpeg format, with a long side of 1500 px at 72 dpi saved at quality 9.

Please also include a text file in .txt or .rtf format with a presentation of your work.

Before sending a photographic project for a possible publication, please make sure to have read our "About" section, to have observed our previous publications and to have understood our editorial line.

We evaluate every proposal sent and wetransfer assures you, thanks to the download email, that your material has been correctly downloaded: please do not send other e-mail (unless the valid download period has expired). Thank you.


Le vostre proposte saranno le benvenute a patto che vengano inviate in una cartella zippata tramite wetransfer alla mail:

Il contenuto della cartella dovrà essere di non più di 50 fotografie in formato jpeg, con un lato lungo di 1500 px a 72 dpi salvate a qualità 9.

Vi preghiamo di includere anche un file di testo in formato .txt o .rtf con una presentazione del vostro lavoro.

Prima di inviare un progetto fotografico per una eventuale pubblicazione, assicuratevi per cortesia di aver letto la nostra sezione "About", di aver osservato le nostre precedenti pubblicazioni e di aver compreso la nostra linea editoriale.

Valutiamo ogni proposta inviata e wetransfer vi assicura, grazie alla mail di avvenuto download, che il vostro materiale sia stato correttamente scaricato: non effettuate altri invii per cortesia (a meno che il periodo valido di download non sia scaduto). Grazie

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